If you are anything like me you’ve been on the search for the perfect Mother’s Day present to get your mom or mom’s in your life, especially now during this whole pandemic.  What is the right thing to get, should we even mail anything right now?  just a couple questions I ask myself.

I put a list together of some fun gift ideas that might just be that perfect gift for mom, hope it comes in handy

1. Pop Up Flower Card

Right click pictures below and click save image as to save the templates needed for this DIY

2. Paper Flower Arrangement

Click here for the Flower Template

Use the same heart template from above for the heart wands

3. Pom Pom Flower Bouquet

For the Pom pom bouquet you can use your hand to make the pom poms or you can use a pom pom maker, there are the ones I used (click here for pom pom makers) for the leaves you can simply just use some sticks from outside, that is what I was going to use originally but I found the artificial stems from the dollar store that I found in my garage from an old project I worked on.  For the heart wands with the pictures use same template from above.

4.Paper Flower Bouquet

Supplies you’ll need:

Kraft Paper (I used this one )

Paper Flower: Click here for template

Dowels: I used these from Amazon


Glue ( I always prefer to use hot glue)

Mother’s day signs HERE